Social Wall: A Win-win Strategy In Your Virtual Events

Virtual Events are becoming everyone’s go-to plan when it comes to organizing any event. That’s because when you go virtual, you can give your event a global stage. Virtual events are accessible from any part of the world; all you need is the event’s virtual link, a device, and an internet connection. Brands are no […]

How to Plan a Successful Event During COVID- 19

Hosting meetings and events in a world affected by COVID-19 has required major adjustments, especially for planners and venues. Venues require to focus on the following areas: health and safety protocols, tech solutions, and most importantly safe food and beverage handling. In this post, we take a deep dive into safe meetings and events. We […]

Event Planning and Event Management: Key Differences

Over the past few decades, the event industry has shown tremendous growth, especially amongst youth. With more and more people now willing to take up jobs in the events sector, creative prodigies from different fields are now showcasing their talent within the event industry… and the world is partying like never before! That said, people […]

Current state of affairs… it’s been a while!

Once again, my blogging has been falling behind. Perhaps it’s because of the summer, more likely because it’s difficult to pick a topic that I think may be of interest to whoever reads this. So I will re-start for the 9th time my blogging efforts, and again I will start with Eventure and our latest. This […]

Because Dan told me to…

The title says it all! Dan asked The Eventure team to write company blogs and honestly, the thought stresses me out! But I’ve always loved a challenge, so here it goes! I’m Kaitlin; and if you’ve worked with Eventure, been by our office, or seen us on events then we’ve probably met! I didn’t write in […]


Once again I’ve fallen behind in writing a blog. This time, for the most part, is because we were thankfully busy. (Ok, up until end of January, the rest I have no excuse!) We just finished producing 2 large scale events for the NHL (One in Ottawa, and one in Tampa) and a whole bunch […]

Party Planning Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts of Event Organization

Planning an event is no easy task. There are caterers to hire, seating charts to map, and most importantly, hosts to appease. As an event planner, it’s important to maintain an air of professionalism when planning a party. There are unwritten rules that every event coordinator should follow to pull off the soiree of the season. […]

Event Education

There are now many programs that teach event planning, even towards a Masters degree in Event Management. The U.S. is miles ahead of Canada as far as accreditation and professional integrity of event planning and management. Only recently has Montreal begun offering Event Planning certificate courses. John Abbott Cegep has had a program for many […]


We have been fortunate to have worked with clients that have brought us to different cities to plan their events, as well as been hired by clients coming to Montreal to plan events here. Working with clients out of town brings a host of issues and concerns that you wouldn’t be faced with at home, and working […]

Some people eat to live. We live to eat.

When we came up with the business model for Eventure, the first hurdle was to decide which service we would implement. The business model calls for Eventure to build and own all event services under one roof, we actually own and operate these services, not just claim that we do and outsource the business. It […]