Social Wall: A Win-win Strategy In Your Virtual Events

Virtual Events are becoming everyone’s go-to plan when it comes to organizing any event.

That’s because when you go virtual, you can give your event a global stage. Virtual events are accessible from any part of the world; all you need is the event’s virtual link, a device, and an internet connection.

Brands are no longer bound by geographical boundaries. They save a lot of money as a virtual event takes less than half the amount required for organizing a physical event.

With so many possibilities, there is one thing a virtual event can’t assure. It can’t keep the viewers hooked till the end because no matter how fascinating it sounds, staring at the screen all the time becomes tedious.

That’s when the social wall comes to your rescue. Want to know what a social wall is? Keep reading to find out.

What Is A Social Wall?

social wall is an interactive and vibrant tool that brands use to display social media feeds on a screen at virtual events, hybrid events, or any event type.

The goal is to provide the audience a piece of eye-catching and attention-grabbing equipment that keeps them on their toes throughout the event.

All you need is a social media aggregator tool that can collect your preferred social media feed. It can be UGC, influencer content, or the content from your social feed.

People love social media, and when they see a running social feed, they get immediately hooked, ensuring a good engagement rate.

The responsive social media feed comes with many benefits. Keep reading to find out.

Benefits Of A Social Wall For Virtual Events

1.    Pre-event Promotions

Use Social wall to promote your event before it goes online. Pre-event promotions maximize audience attendance and ensure the success of your virtual event.

Use a social media aggregator tool to collect content specific to your event like past virtual event pictures, chief guests’ social media content, your events’ brochure, promotional videos, etc. Curate all the relevant content to use it strategically to reach the maximum audience.

You can embed this social media wall on your website or display it on the digital signages at your premises so that all your online and offline visitors see it and get influenced to attend your virtual event.

2.    Create Social Presence

The social media wall is your ideal tool to create social media presence for your virtual event. There are many ways to do this, either naturally or strategically. It has become human nature now for people to post on social media.

It is likely to have people like that in your audience. Use a social media aggregator tool to extract these posts related to your virtual event and display them on a social wall. When you do so, it attracts the audience and encourages more people to do so.

Another way is to organize hashtag campaigns or contests. Choose a memorable and unique hashtag for your audience and encourage them to use it each time they post about the event. You can also attract them by announcing that the winner will receive some goodies. It will encourage maximum social media presence and give you amazing content for future marketing purposes.

3.    Boost Virtual Event Engagement

A social wall guarantees maximum engagement coming from the audience of your virtual event. The social wall allows you to display content from social media. You can take that as an opportunity to increase answers on your Instagram or Twitter polls.

You can also ask questions online and post them on the social wall. Your audience can comment on the posts to answer. It will create better engagement possibilities.

Through interactive social wall displays at virtual events, organizers could maximize the virtual event’s annual footfall, thereby booking a permanent audience for future events too.

4.    The Perfect Space For Sponsors

Physical or virtual, sponsors are necessary for every event. They enable you to give the best to your audience by being your backbone. You must appreciate them and tell them how important they are to you, and the eye-catching social wall is the perfect medium.

Display the social media content of your sponsors on the social wall along with their brand logo. By doing so, you are giving them much-needed exposure in front of your virtual event’s audience.

With all the benefits the social wall brings in, your sponsors will get impressed and realize how beneficial it is to sponsor your virtual events, making them ready to sponsor for you even for future events.


Coming to the end, we hope that now you have a better understanding of the social wall and how it can become a win-win strategy for your virtual event.

These benefits must have convinced you to try one for your next virtual event. So, what else is left? Go on and bring the best results out of every virtual event you organize by incorporating the dynamic social wall.

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