Current state of affairs… it’s been a while!

Once again, my blogging has been falling behind. Perhaps it’s because of the summer, more likely because it’s difficult to pick a topic that I think may be of interest to whoever reads this.

So I will re-start for the 9th time my blogging efforts, and again I will start with Eventure and our latest.

This week happens to be a very busy week for us, and we are very thankful for it! We are en route to Ottawa this weekend to set-up a large gala for 2000 guests. We are the plannersdesigners, décor and furniture and technical providers for this event, not catering or bar (unfortunately!)

This is our 2nd year doing this gala, and the biggest challenge we have is the size of the venue and number of guests. There are 3 separate rooms, one a meeting room, a thematic cocktail room and then the dining room. Each room is 50,000 square feet! The challenge is to make it look good through lighting and décor; as well as the standard event requirements of good audio, video and sightlines for stages.

This year we bumped up the lighting with larger and newer fixtures. We need to make sure that it isn’t dark anywhere, but at the same time keep a nice warm ambience, especially at dinner. We will post some pictures of the final outcome as well as the set-up. I think you will enjoy seeing the process on this one.

Then we rush back to the plan and execute a large pharmaceutical conference for the entire week. It’s 160 VIP guests from around the world coming for a series of meeting, incentives, a gala, dinners and more! Eventure was hired to plan every aspect of their week, and the team is in full swing getting it ready.

The week consists of some very cool Montreal tours and special VIP ones at that! I can’t reveal where and what just yet, but we will once we are given the go-ahead. I know that our team is especially proud of the tours and dinners planned, we are showcasing the best Montreal has to offer, and we will do our great city justice!

In the middle of the week, we have a very exclusive and amazing gala planned for the guests. This time, Eventure is doing it all, and we will be showcasing the power of our business model. We are designing and planning the gala, doing the catering for this high-end dinner, Noire bar will be showcased at it’s finest, Sound, Lighting and Video mapping of the entire St. James theater, amazing décor and furniture, a symphony orchestra, a 1920’s postmodern band (backbeat doing what we created together for the NHL 100 in Ottawa is coming back!) a DJ, champagne dress and more! The Great Gatsby themed event will for sure impress all. Again, we will show you the start to finish, we really hope you like what you see, and we would love to hear your feedback on it!

To start, our team is also touring and hosting a group of 30 VIPs from the Jewish community from Los Angeles. Again, we hope to show them the best of Montreal, but with a bit of our Jewish roots.

And to throw in the mix, we have a backstage catering for a well-known band that is coming to Montreal next week, and we are doing a pretty cool store incentive for one of our repeat retailers.

On another note, we have a big project in the works in moving our offices, with a new catering kitchen and more. Once everything is in the books, I am excited to let everyone know what this full project is and looks like!

Great year so far, and we are excited for this week and for what is to come after!

Thanks for reading and when the dust clears from this whirlwind week and a bit, we hope to show you what it was all about!

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